New Blog!!!!!

this is my new page im busy putting together a team

By captainredstone

Windows 7

Sorry about the wait but Ive Upgraded my computer to windows 7 ( was windows xp ) so I should be up and running and also looks like technic pack should be almost updated to Minecraft 1.1 here is a link to there website So I wont be doing anything until the technic pack is updated ( and probably mc edit ).

By captainredstone


Since minecraft 1.1 is out and i lost my other map (couldn’t back it up) Im going to do a map on buildcraft instead only till technic pack is out again.


By captainredstone

Bad News

Hi My maps going to take even longer because my hard drive has started failing so that means my map is broken I should be up and running by next week at the least,

And the good News Ive got some software to start recording and editing videos so I can do a run view of my map, Also I might make a website where you can sign up and use forums but that will only be a month away

If you have any questions about my map ether leave a comment at the my progress page or at my new minecraft forums page.



Minecraft forums

By captainredstone

Admin Zone

Hi if you have seen my admin zone its for people you would like to help with my map just send me an email at with this template:


Minecraft Name:

Why do you want to help:

Do you have access to a server:

Have you made any maps or mods before:

Email address:


I wont let too many people help with the map but if at least one person has asses to a server we could put the plain  map on the server then i can add the other stuff myself I will also send you the password via email.

By captainredstone

Minecraft 1.1

Ok about Minecraft 1.1 im not sure if technic pack will update but my map might update ill be keeping it for 1.0.0 until the full relese of technic pack for 1.1 is out and remember in the technic pack they add and remove mods so updating the map wont be easy ill be posting some pictures of the complete space pod very soon and rember 500 hits and ill release the alpha of the map.



By captainredstone

Got an idea

Ok Everyone Ive got an idea if we get 500 visitors  Ill let my map be ready for alpha testing then you can give me some ideas via comments or email.My idea is to have maps in one one part will be learning and using the machines the other part will be an adventure map if you know how to use with industrialcraft ill be using teleporters to get you to places e.g The two different maps

By captainredstone

Just started

So this is this old power system you will have to find the power and turn it on (you cant use redstone torches they burn out) this is the old bit its getting heaps better as I type.


Heres my YouTube Chanel there’s nothing on it at the moment though stuff should come soon. Link


By captainredstone

Started Making the map

Well here we are just starting the adventure to make (Hopefully) the  best technic pack map incase you dont know the technic pack is a number of mods put together like buildcraft and redpower many people debate if its legal or not but at the moment it is, back to the map I will be keeping you uptodate with my work here are some things I need to start off with:

  • Making the town
  • Making some buildcraft machines to learn from
  • make the map easy to understand

so thats what Im going to start off with time to start making the map oh by the way ill be putting up my YouTube channel on this blog.

By captainredstone